Friday, October 23, 2009

good for goodwill.

Who doesn't like thrift stores? Don't you just love the satisfaction of digging through your local thrift shop and finding the best find ever! I do. It makes my entire day when I find something so original and old school that is one of a kind. Even better when you pick it up and have a vision for a DIY project. My friend Alexis got me started on those. Pull these buttons off and replace em with gold ones, cut the bottom of the shirt and fray the edge, stud the collar and make it badass, cut the neck and open up the look of it. One of a kind made by you. Great feeling of being a designer for once, eh? So apparently you can shop goodwill online these days. Pretty nuts.


  1. That is pretty awesome! I am going to have to hunt. I love second hand jewelry. Obsessed with it....purses too :) But you know that.
    It is like a better ebay!

  2. come to Florida so we can rape thrift stores together. Excellent Vintage condition $1 CD belt the other day and a $5 Good Condition vintage Gucci bag...just sayin!