Thursday, March 11, 2010

acne shield pants.

I was hungover a few weekends ago eating breakfast at this spot in the East Village and got up to use the bathroom before we ordered. When I walked out of the bathroom, there waiting to walk in was Chloe Sevigny. My eyes kinda popped open (even in their hungover state) with excitement to see her as I walked back to my table. She is always so stylish even on sunday fundays, ggggoooossssshhhh....she was wearing an old varsity jacket from her Connecticut High School with high waisted black jeans and a cropped black tee and zip up hoodie.
So anyways, I liked this pic of her in these Acne shield plated pants from their SS2010 collection. Pretty sick, right?
opening ceremony

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  1. i ran into her in LA a few months back... she is just as stunning in person. Wore leggings, her OC sandal shoes and an oversized tee. can you say flawless.