Friday, March 11, 2011

jacket project.

I was feeling inspired one Sunday afternoon to craft a jacket I'd been wanting to put together for some time. I had all the supplies I needed and a bit of guidance from my expertise crafty sister Kristin so I was good to go! See my process below and lemme know what you think...
Go buy an old beat up army jacket as well as an old black leather jacket for its arms. Carefully seam rip the sleeves off the army jacket for your arm pattern.
Open up the arm so its laying flat, measure it around your own arm for desired width and mark where to cut. Then cut open leather arm, lay under army arm & cut to make same size as where you marked.
Now pin the leather arm together along the edge so you can neatly sew on your machine. Remove pins as you sew...
When you are done sewing the arm back together, iron down the seam so its flush against your arm for comfortable wear.
Pin the arm pit to connect to your army jacket. Follow same process of sewing.
Voila! Finished army jacket with leather arms. As soon as I capture a picture of me wearing it, Ill re-post! I've already worn it a bunch and gotten great responses on it. I'm already getting requests to make more...

Supplies you need to make this jacket:
-old army jacket & leather jacket
-sewing machine (thank you matt!)
-fabric marker
-seam ripper or scissor
-rotary cutter


  1. I heart this!! Make me one :) xoxox

  2. my favorite jacket it the world, make me one when you can :) love you mely

  3. Love this!x