Tuesday, November 3, 2009

carlos falchi for target.

Carlos Falchi is known for his luxurious bag collections made from snakeskin and lizard which you can now get at Target stores or Target.com in non-leather for a great price!
Sold from Nov 1st - Dec 27th.
There's an entire collection, but I want this particular style. Trying to figure out which color I like best. I'm not one to buy non-leather, rather have the real thing, but this one looks just like the real designs from Carlos Falchi which I was eyeing at Henri Bendel just recently!!
Get yours now! xo


  1. Ok, I was into it UNTIL I saw the interior. ICK. The pseudo-leopard print has Target bullseyes in it.... kinda dissapointing.
    They are cute though!

  2. oooo haven't seen the insides before. no bueno:( maybe ill save the money on this one, even though it looks like the real thing without opening it up!